About Us

Neutara is a US-based technology company that offers multiple products and services in the areas of cloud, remote workspace, e-commerce, consumer & and enterprise SAAS.

Neutara was founded in 2012 by a small group of highly skilled technology professionals.

Over the years, the company built many successful technology initiatives like CloudFuze, Exinent, Fuzebot, etc.

Founded: 2012

No. of Employees: 100+

Office Locations: North Carolina, USA (Headquarters) | Hyderabad, India | Remote.


To help people and businesses harness their full potential by transforming high technology into cutting-edge solutions.


To be the world’s most advanced and futuristic technology company.

Our Culture

Neutara is one such organization that fosters a deep sense of ownership among all the team members irrespective of the designations. The unity in diversity at Neutara is similar to the culture of a professional sports team as opposed to the traditional family-like culture.

At our company, different people with different skills and abilities come together and share a common vision. They all work together as well as independently towards achieving common and individual goals.

All Are Treated Equally

At Neutara, a fresh-out-college employee gets the game respect, value, and opportunity that a c-suite executive gets. Every idea, big or small, is valued and considered.

Equal and Fair Opportunity

We are a proud equal opportunity employer. The management is committed to providing employment opportunities to everyone irrespective of their race, religion, sex, skin color, language, region, state, country, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, and gender identification.

Transparency & Accessibility

Neutara is against traditional management system that limits executive or senior management access to employees. At Neutara, the CEO is just an email, phone call, or a message away from any employee!

Limitless Personal Growth Opportunities

Promotions, raise in compensation, etc. are purely based on employees’ performance. Results are always rewarded.

Zero Workplace Politics

Over the years, Neutara worked very hard to develop hiring strategies that ensure right people join the organization. Our company is free from office politics.

Women Empowerment and Safety Is Our Top Priority

Neutara is the safest workplace for women of any age. At Neutara, we have zero tolerance policy on abuse, sexual harassment, or misogyny.